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Guitar Scale Basics

how to play music scales

We know that every song uses only the twelve notes. It can’t use any other notes, as there are only twelve notes in the western theory. The fact is that most songs never use all of the twelve notes in…

Right Hand Guitar Techniques

play with a pick

Right Hand Technique (Pickstyle) Now we will look at correctly positioning the right hand. There are two right hand techniques, the fingerstyle and the pickstyle. In the fingerstyle technique, we will use our fingers for picking the strings. This is…

The Marvelous Acoustic Guitar (Part 2)

learn to play guitar

Finally, the finale: The acoustic guitar body or ‚Äúsound box is where the sound is perfected, enriched and enhanced.. In previous articles, we discussed the acoustic guitar anatomy, including the entire acoustic guitar, the neck, the headstock, and different aspects…